Veer Hamirji – Feature Film

Veer Hamirji – Somanath ni Sakhate

In the early 15th century Gujarat, Muslim rulers invaded temples of India to loot the wealth. Somanath temple was attacked by the sultan of Gujarat. Veer Hamir single-handedly defended the temple against the forces with his friends.

Veer Hamir, with hand full of his friends defended the Temple of Somantah in Veraval, Gujarat against the powerful army of Sultan Mohamad Begado. This epic captures the 15th century Gujarat , their people, religious beliefs, politics and the bravery of people. A true historic story based on a doctoral thesis by Dipak Vyas.


Inspired by literary compositions of our National poet Sri Zaverchand Meghani,kalapi, Sri Jaymal Parmar and Deepak Vyas, written by Sri Deven Shah and directed by Nilesh Mohite, “Veer Hamirji – Somnath ni Sakhate” the movie is based on historical story of great warrior ‘ Hamirji Gohil ‘ who fought and sacrifice his life to save the great ‘Somnath Temple’ in Gujarat. Hamirji Gohil is a legend amongst Rajputs and Gohil samaj of Saurashtra ( like Shivaji in Maharashtra).

This is an original story of the brave heart hero from Gujarat. Hamirji Gohil, younger son of Bhimji Gohil (Pramthesh Mehta) who was King of Artheela in Saurashtra during Sultanate period, end of 14th century. During this time in Gujarat the Muslim commanders, priests and officers of Mohammed Begda (Sanjay Kamdar) were very fanatic and converting innocent Hindu people in to Muslims without knowledge of the Sultan, who was very kind and religious person. Other side Rajput Kings were dependent and very much disputed internally, so they were not able to control the situation. But prince Hamirji Gohil came forward with his friends and Vegda Bhil (Chetan Doshi) and protest against army of the Sultan Mohammed Begda.

Movie starts with an incident of malice intentions of Yasir khan (Darshan Purohit) and Maulvi Saheb (Raju Jani) who are at the outskirts of Artheela and challenging villagers to fight against their stick fighter Jumman khan and declare that looser will have to accept Islam. Hamirji Gohil (Maulik Pathak) comes and saves his friend Jakhra(Deepak Vyas) who lose against Jumman khan and forced to accept Islam by Yasir khan.

These bigoted Muslim commanders are very strict and follow ‘Fatwas’ means ‘an order from Allah’. Hamirji Gohil announces that if time comes I won’t hesitate to cut my head to protect my Religion and Motherland. Bhimji Gohil calls Rajput Kings of surrounded states in his court and welcome them and make them realize about religious repression from commanders of Sultan, as their Motherland, people, Women and Religion all are under threat. But Rajput Kings are not ready to get united and leave their internal disputes. Hamirji Gohil gets disappointed and leaves the court. Mohmmed Begda appoints Rasulkhan (Linesh Phanse) as his new Law Minister of Gujarat state. Rasulkhan announces that nobody can celebrate Hindu festivals like Navratri, Holi and Diwali because there is a threat of communal riots and warns Muslims to keep distance from Hindus. Hamirji Gpohil kills Rasulkhan in public during Navratri festival at Hindu temple as Rasulkhan tries to dishonor Hindu Lord and faith.

Mohammed Begda takes notice of this incident and sends a mandate to Gohil’s of Artheela that either kneel down their legs in front of Sultan and beg his pardon or get ready for war. Hamirji Gohil answers very strongly and gives message that Gohil’s of Artheela are brave and ready for war. Sultan sends his army to demolish the Somnath temple. Here Sister-in-Law of Hamirji Gohil Hareshwariba (Sonya Shah) realizes him that he should go to protect Somnath temple. Hamirji makes an army of his few friends and on the way he meets Vegda Bhil. Hamirji weds Hiranya (Shivalika Kataria), Rajput daughter of Vegda Bhil (actual daughter of Jethva Rajput) and gets ready for battle very next day with his friends and Vegda Bhil. Mohammed Begda sends his full army to demolish these few Rajput youngsters, Hamirji Gohil and his friends fight bravely to protect Somnath temple and finally they all sacrifice their lives for Pride, Religion and Motherland. Hamirji Gohil fights despite his head gets cut. Mohammed Begda realizes the value of Rajput blood and tells his son that never dishonor this pious land of great Rajput warriors.

We salute this 19 year old youngster Veer Hamirji Gohil who sacrificed his life and
saved the Great Somnath temple an epic of our faith and beliefs.
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